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2013 EAPL-S Award Winners

Congratulations to those of you who received the 2013 EAPL-S awards! Awards were handed out at the EAPL conference in Coventry, UK. For all of you who applied but didn't receive an award, we wish you the best of luck for next year. 

Paper Awards

Applications for the paper awards were submitted before the conference. Students had to submit a 1000 word summary of their research, and a panel provided feedback to each student about their submission. The most excellent applications are listed below. Each award was worth £150. 

1st Place: Sophie van der Zee, Lancaster University

Title: Nonverbal Mimicry Increases in Second-Language Interviews

Co-authors: Paul Taylor & Matthijs Noordzij

2nd Place: Evianne van Gijn, University of Cambridge

Title: Sex Offenders’ Grooming of Children on the Internet

Co-author: Michael Lamb

3rd Place: Susanne Schmittat, University of Cologne

Title: It’s not all about knowledge! When accountability reduces confirmatory information processing in expert judges

Co-author: Birte Englich

Runner-up: Robert Lehman, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Title: Identifying an offender’s propensities based on crime scene behavior in a sample of child molesters

Co-authors: Karl Hanson, Alasdair Goodwill, & Klaus-Peter Dahle

Honourable mentions:

  • Daniela Neves
  • Samantha Andrews
  • Catherine Naughton
  • Peta Skujins
  • Alice Morgado


Poster Awards

Each year the posters of all student members of the EAPL are evaluated at the EAPL conference. A panel of three judges evaluated all posters and, of all the excellent posters at this year's conference, the following three were deemed the most exceptional. 

1st Place: Deborah Wright, University of Warwick

Award amount: £200

2nd Place: Angelica Hagsand, University of Gothenburg

Award amount: £150

3rd Place: Genevieve Waterhouse, London Southbank University

Award amount: £100


Small Research Grant

This award goes to the most outstanding student research proposals, as submitted in the spring of this year. The winners were chosen based on high quality of proposal, along with having an outstanding CV (see full criteria for award here). This is a highly competitive award which provides monetary research funding worth 400 Euro for the 1st place project 

1st Place: Johannes Beller, Technische Universität Braunschweig

Title: Do classical criminological predictors exhibit heterogeneous effects? 

Read his proposal here.

2nd Place: Pascale Reinke, University of Cambridge

Title: Investigative interviews with victims of human trafficking – the victims’ experience

Read her proposal here.

3rd Place: Megan Sim, University of Cambridge

Title: Decision making of Appropriate Adults

Read her proposal here.

Runner-up: Marlee Berman, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Working Title: Effects of pretrial publicity in a judicial context 

Read her proposal here.