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Statement Validity Assessment Conference: Maastricht 2015

The 4th European Conference On Symptom Validity Assessment: June 11-12, 2015

The conference is now open for registration through this website.


Symptom validity is a productive research area, with articles, meta-analyses, handbooks, and new tools growing at a steady pace year after year. It is obvious why this is the case: The topic is highly relevant to neuropsychologists, forensic experts, psychiatrists, and clinical psychologists. Ongoing debates about whether or not PTSD rates are inflated, whether or not ADHD is an overdiagnosed condition, whether or not genuine amnesia in criminal offenders does exist, and how the demarcation line between feigned and truly functional symptoms can be established illustrate how significant the issue of symptom validity is.

This conference will focus not only on tools to evaluate symptom validity in patients, but also on basic issues related to diagnosis, therapy, epidemiology, and forensic implications.

The 4th European Conference builds on three preceding international meetings in 2009 (Würzburg), 2011 (London), and 2013 (Würzburg). It will involve keynote lectures, symposia, skill-building workshops, posters, and blitz sessions.


The conference is now open for registration through this website.