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Factbook first edition

This edited book published by the EAPL-S is the result of countless hours of work authored by over 20 EAPL-S students who are conducting research the area of psychology and law (a.k.a. forensic psychology).

From the back:

Providing easy access to empirical information on important issues.

This factbook is an excellent resource for anyone interested in psychology and law. It provides the reader with a series of empirically based articles that present a quick and accessible overview of a wide variety of topics.

The articles in this book are intended for distribution as handouts, and represent an excellent textbook supplement for introductory psychology and law courses. This text is also extremely useful for professionals or laypeople who are in contact with offenders, victims, corrections, or the legal system in any way.

Topics covered by this book include criminal profiling, eyewitnesses, sex offenders, deception detection, victims of crime, false confessions, forensic neuropsychology, the insanity defense, psychopathy, and many other forensic topics.


  1. Risk assessment
  2. Psychopathy
  3. Young offenders
  4. Forensic neuropsychology
  5. False confessions
  6. Adult eyewitnesses
  7. Child eyewitnesses
  8. Mentally ill offenders
  9. Deception detection
  10. The dark triad
  11. Sex offenders
  12. Criminal Profiling
  13. The Insanity plea
  14. Rape myth acceptance
  15. Victims of crime
  16. Sex Offender Treatment
  17. Crime in the Media
  18. Violent offenders
  19. Police Interrogations
  20. Young female offenders
  21. Secondary victimization
  22. Drug abuse and crime
  23. Aboriginal offenders
  24. German Feature: False confessions and Eyewitness testimony