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Student Presentation Awards

The EAPL-S will be awarding student presentation awards to the three most innovative, outstanding and well-presented student presentations (€300, €200 and €100, respectively) during this year’s EAPL 2023 conference.

To be considered for one of these presentation awards, you have to:

  • orally present your work at the EAPL 2023,
  • be the first author of the presented study,
  • be a current member of the EAPL (update/renew your membership here!),
  • sign up for award consideration by sending an e-mail to eaplstudent@gmail.com by June 18th, 2023. We require a pre-recording of your presentation, preferably as MP4, MOV, WMV or AVI file. The evaluation will be based on this submitted pre-recording (see below). The time limit for oral presentations during the conference also applies to the pre-recordings.

The awards are based on reviewer evaluations; the students with the highest reviewed submissions receive the awards. The form below will be used by reviewers from the EAPL-S board, rating the content, design and presentation. At least two board members will independently review each submitted presentation. The winners of the presentation awards will be announced before the conference on July 2nd, 2023 to ensure that conference attendees have a chance to attend the outstanding awarded student presentations.

Download the evaluation criteria here: Paper evaluation