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If you are interested in studying forensic psychology, either as a graduate or post-graduate student, this resource will be perfect for you! This article was written by the former EAPL-S representative for Mexico: Leandro Velasco.


Within the last ten years forensic psychology, as a profession and science, has grown considerably in México. Psychologists have been employed in a variety of forensic settings, such as state and federal penitentiaries, hospitals, and civil and criminal judicial systems. However, recent government initiatives to reform the judicial system of México have provided the opportunity to further develop this profession–both at the educational and professional level. As a result, state and private universities have initiated new undergraduate and graduate programs and certifications (i.e., diplomate) that address the growing interest and need within the field.

Nonetheless, not all programs, degrees, and certificates are created equal and so it is imperative that each prospective student investigate the accreditation, reputation, and academic quality of the university they plan to attend. It is recommended that, prior to enrolment, the prospective student should assess the transferability and equivalency of coursework and degree by a recognized agency in your home country and/or secondary country (e.g., United States) where they intend to seek employment.

Doing so will help avoid potential academic and professional hardships should the agency subsequently not recognize your degree or coursework—especially if they intend to become licensed.

Internationally Recognized Universities in México

Because starting the search for higher education in any country can be a difficult and daunting task for any student. Therefore, we will highlight two universities that enjoy strong public and professional reputations (¡and accreditations!) in México and abroad.

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) [National Automous University of México]

Primer public university in all of México; ranks among the top 151-200 group (out of 500) of international universities according to Academic Rankings of World Universities (ARWU). Main campus is located in México City, which is the capital and largest city in México.

UNAM offers undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology, such as a Masters or Doctorate in Psychology which follow the standard 2-yr and 4-yr academic duration.

Please follow the link to the main campus and graduate program website for more information:

o   http://www.unam.mx/

o   http://www.posgrado.unam.mx/psicologia/

Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey / TEC de Monterrey [Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education]

Private university with main campus in Monterrey, Mexico; enjoys a strong academic reputation and is accredited by the government of México

Has over twenty university and preparatory sites throughout México and is the leading academic institution in the area of distance education.

Currently does not offer graduate programs or certifications in the area of clinical psychology or forensic psychology at the present time

TEC de Monterrey hompage: http://www.itesm.edu

Enrollment Process

While foreigners are always welcomed and greeted warmly in México, if you are not generally versed in Spanish, than the enrolment process may be more challenging. But not to worry, you can usually find a helpful fellow student who would be happy to practice their English while they assist you!

Now, we previously mentioned the need to investigate the equivalency of university courses and program in México. This also means that the universities in México (and government of México) need to establish the equivalency of your Bachelors degree prior to your enrolment in class. Because processing times can vary, it is to your advantage to follow all the instructions closely during the enrolment process and be available should more information or questions arise.

In many cases, this will include providing your official academic transcripts, original birth certificate, original diploma, and undergraduate program and course descriptions. If you can have your transcript, birth certificate, and diploma validated (i.e., apostilled) by your home government than this will only help your cause.

Remember, your documents are from a foreign country which school administrators and government officials likely have little to no familiarity with. In addition, academic fraud is always a potential security issue, and therefore, asking for original and validated documents helps ensure that everything is authentic.

Lastly, have the documents translated in Spanish. This can be completed by a number of authorized English to Spanish translators in México (if available); however if your native language is other than English, having translation done in your home country may be more practical.

Closing thoughts

Universities in México enjoy and play host to a large number of international students across the globe.

UNAM and TEC de Monterrey are two universities that have established cooperative arraignments and student exchange programs with many universities in the U.S., U.K. Spain, and France, among others.

UNAM currently provides specialized training (i.e., certificates) in the area of forensic psychology, with other private and public universities expanding postgraduate programs to include this new burgeoning field.

Enrolling in any foreign country can be a challenging process, especially when there is a different language involved. Nonetheless, it is a process that has been undertaken by many students and so the key thing is: PREPARE! Do your homework in assessing the quality of the university and how the degree, training, and coursework will transfer back to your home country.

Please email us at eaplstudent@gmail.com if you have any questions or comments about studying abroad in México. Si tenga unas preguntas, dudas o comentarios, mándenos una mensaje a nuestro correo electrónico, gracias. Se habla español.

Best wishes from México!  ¡Mejores deseos desde México! Ciao.

– Leandro