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Factbook second edition

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This second edition of the Psychology and Law Factbook is an international collaboration of EAPL-S members. This book provides 2-3 page summaries of key topics in psychology and law. Whether you are a hardened researcher, or just starting to get interested in the topic, this book is for you!

Topics covered by this book include investigative interviewing, cyber victimisation, deception detection, eyewitness identification, deviant paraphilias, crisis negotiations and many other forensic topics.


The second edition of the Psychology and Law Factbook is available for purchase at the site below.


  1. Decision Making Process of Jurors
  2. Jury Psychology
  3. Scientific Jury Selection
  4. Credibility Assessment
  5. Deception Detection
  6. Crisis Negotiation
  7. Eyewitness Identification
  8. Criminal Detection via Physical Description
  9. Facial Composites
  10. Questioning Styles in Investigative Interviews
  11. Confession Decision-Making
  12. Child Disclosures
  13. Interviewing Adolescent Witnesses
  14. Juvenile Anti-Social Behaviour
  15. Cyber Victimisation
  16. Psychological Coercion in Human Trafficking
  17. Religious Violence
  18. Psychology of Terrorism
  19. Necrophilia
  20. Sadism
  21. Paedophilia
  22. Psychopathy and Empathy
  23. Stereotyping in Investigative Interviewing
  24. Empathy in Investigative Interviews
  25. Interpreters in Investigative Interviews
  26. Conceptualising Rapport Building During Interview