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Psychology and Law in Sweden

If you are interested in studying forensic psychology, either as a graduate or post-graduate student, this resource will be perfect for you! This article was written by the EAPL-S representative for Sweden: Mikaela Magnusson

Sweden is located in the far north of Europe. Beyond freezing cold temperatures, an abundance of
IKEA stores, and special rooms at all work places designated for “fika” (the daily ritual of drinking a
cup of coffee and eating something sweet together with friends and co-workers), Sweden also has a
long history within the areas of legal and witness psychology.

Where can you study legal psychology?
While there are no undergraduate or masters’ programs in Sweden specialized in legal psychology,
many universities provide courses on different legal psych topics. To date, most courses are given in
Swedish except at the University of Gothenburg where some courses are given in English.

Here is a list of currently available legal psych courses across the country:

Most Swedish Universities also offer courses and programs in criminology, just search “study
criminology in Sweden” and you will find a wide selection of classes.

If you are interested in doing a PhD degree in legal psychology, you have to apply to official positions
via advertisements posted by the Universities. One good way to learn about possible PhD positions is
to contact different research groups and see whether they intend to recruit any students for their
upcoming projects.

Swedish research groups in legal psychology

Other information
Students interested in legal psychology can also consider attending the annual meeting of the Nordic
Network for research in Psychology and Law (NNPL) which provides good opportunities to meet
Swedish and other Nordic researchers. You can read more here:

For more information, you can contact Mikaela Magnusson at the University of Gothenburg.